Time to Stop Link Building

What!! Shelly, you can’t be serious! You know very well that backlinks play a large part in Google’s Algorithm. We can’t just stop building links. Our rankings will drop like crazy. Or maybe they will skyrocket. Yes, I know how very important having backlinks is to your website and its rankings. But I am here […]

The Ugly Truth about Legal Press Releases

If you are working with a ethical, experienced & skilled professional then you have been well informed of the importance of making smart online marketing & optimization choices that will benefit you not just today, but also in the future. Majority of the SEO and online marketing tasks are not going to provide you with […]

Hey Lawyer. You are a Spammer.

If you build lots of them they will come…. I see it everyday, in every market. Lawyers are spammers. Yes, I am probably talking about you. With your 50+ individual “unique” websites (a.k.a. Microsites) all for one law firm. “Oh, but I practice in multiple cities and have multiple practice areas” you say. You are […]