Time to Stop Link Building

What!! Shelly, you can’t be serious! You know very well that backlinks play a large part in Google’s Algorithm. We can’t just stop building links. Our rankings will drop like crazy. Or maybe they will skyrocket. Yes, I know how very important having backlinks is to your website and its rankings. But I am here […]

The Ugly Truth about Legal Press Releases

If you are working with a ethical, experienced & skilled professional then you have been well informed of the importance of making smart online marketing & optimization choices that will benefit you not just today, but also in the future. Majority of the SEO and online marketing tasks are not going to provide you with […]

Hey Lawyer. You are a Spammer.

If you build lots of them they will come…. I see it everyday, in every market. Lawyers are spammers. Yes, I am probably talking about you. With your 50+ individual “unique” websites (a.k.a. Microsites) all for one law firm. “Oh, but I practice in multiple cities and have multiple practice areas” you say. You are […]

Your Exact Match Domain Names May Soon Be Worthless

Whether you got really, really lucky or paid big bucks to a domain scammer seller, your Exact Match Domain Name was a big score in the legal field. In return, you’ve had 1st page, top of the fold rankings for major keywords without having to struggle nearly as hard as your competitors. Well, your advantage […]

Legal SEO Myth of the Week: The Mobile Site

Newflash: It’s NOT necessary to have a separate mobile website. It’s not even preferred. Some of my legal client’s have been getting bombarded with spam emails telling them their site is not mobile friendly and they need to have their very own mobile site. Truth is, if your site is coded well, launching a mobile […]

I Won’t Follow you Because you Follow Me

I first registered my personal twitter account on May 21, 2008. Back then Twitter was a fantastic tool career growth & learning. I followed all of the SEO professionals whom I respected and immensely enjoyed following their feeds. When I had a question, I could reply to their tweets and get personal responses I could […]